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Refugee Resettlement

Refugee Family Updates


Unlike the proverbial inkeeper who wasn’t prepared for the travel weary family that showed up, we at ACRC are actively preparing for a Syrian family to arrive.  World Renew is keeping us updated and constantly has families ready to re-locate.  Once the committee ‘choses’ a family to sponsor, we will only have 2 months to be ready for them thus we seek your help in advance.  Due to a flurry of interest, we already have many large items; beds, table and chairs (many thanks!)  However, we will be looking for much more, especially kitchen items, linens, queen sheets, toys etc.  No item will go unappreciated!   Gift cards to various stores would also be appreciated.  Please note that any cheques should be made payable to “Ancaster CRC” and the memo should indicate “Refugee Funds”.  May you be blessed in your giving.  

Our Latest Update: 

GOOD NEWS! We have our family - a couple in their early 30’s with three children and one on the way. They have fled Syria for Lebanon and have applied and been screened and accepted by the Canadian government for re-settlement.

Girl - age 12
Boy - age 10
Girl - age 7
Baby - IT'S A BOY!

Committee Members:Nell Vanturennout, Clarence Vanderlaan, Geraldine Soldaat, Shan Anand, Fran Bevan, Linda Sennema and Sara Woods

THANK YOU!!!  We have all the items required for the family to arrive.  

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