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Who We Are

Our Vision 


To be a Spirit-filled community of Christ-centered worship and witness.


Our Family


Our church family is made up of all ages and many ethnic backgrounds.  As a family we worship together, we pray together, we care for one another, we disciple one another.  You do not need to be a "member" of our church to worship with us or to participate in our programs, though all are welcome to consider this "deeper connection."  Membership involves both privileges and responsibilities; if you would like to explore this, feel free to contact Pastor Rita.



Our Denomination


       Our church is part of the denomination known as the
       Christian Reformed Church in North America. 
       For a full overview of our history and our beliefs, visit





        The Banner" is the official magazine of the Christian Reformed Church.




Our Statements of Faith


To learn more about what we believe, follow these links to view our creeds, confessions, and our contemporary statements of faith Our World Belongs to God and the Belhar Confession.


Safe Church Ministry

We declare that every human being is created in God’s image and must be treated with dignity and respect. We are to serve each other as Christ has served us. Thus we will not tolerate abuse, harassment, or neglect. Recognizing the sad reality that abuse occurs even in churches, the Council of Ancaster Christian Reformed Church has created policies and procedures to lovingly and sensitively minimize the opportunity for abuse to occur in Church-related activities and to protect members from false allegations. Council will provide an approachable, accountable body to allow alleged victims and perpetrators to be treated fairly and to properly deal with the issues so that healing and forgiveness may occur. Council will support alleged offenders and victims while maintaining confidentiality and striving to prevent further trauma.

Safe Church Policy





COVID19 Response